Food Travel means moving around with the aim of exploring a destination gastronomic offer. Exploring the pleasures of the table has always been associated with moments of leisure, but on a gastronomic trip, the culinary experience is no longer just a complement but the main motivation in choosing a destination and in the way of exploring it.

In general, it means travelling to do food tourism, which we define as follows:

Food tourism is composed of activities that provide experiences of consumption and appreciation of food and beverages, presented in such a way that value the history, the culture and the environment of a particular region.

Why Food Travel?

What we want to highlight is that, in practice, when we combine travel with gastronomy, there is a whole set of experiences and learnings about the history, traditions, environment and local culture that go beyond taste. Realizing this is life-changing!

Food and Travel, an experience we never forget

On a trip, we want to have different experiences from our daily lives. These experiences become remarkable when you feel connected with them. That’s exactly how food plays its role.

The bond with food is a universal language, after all, no matter where you came from, food is certainly part of your history. That is why every travel memory always comes with a flavour.

The experience is for everyone

It is a mistake to think that this type of trip is only for those who like to (and can) eat in renowned restaurants, or visit expensive wineries. The food tourism industry is creative and aware of the interests of travellers.

Best of all, it is a democratic and flexible way of travelling. Nowadays, you can easily explore a gastronomic culture in different ways: in the countryside or in the city, individually or in groups, with luxury, with adventure. There is a broad range of options for all budgets and tastes.

We should not fail to mention that technology has also helped a lot of people who are looking for food experiences during a trip. Today, you can easily find online restaurant reviews, menu translation, independent guides, local dining platforms, and more.