Raw Organic Winter Farmers Market Box with Potatoes Garlic Onion Squash and Kale

Lots of questions are being raised about food’s carbon footprint, that’s why the Louis Bonduelle Foundation suggests you take a look at which vegetables are in season in which hemisphere at certain times of the year.


Growing vegetables out of season consumes a lot of energy because you grow them in artificial conditions and need resources (like heat, water and nutrients). The carbon footprint is the same if not greater than when you transport food.

Cucumbers can be naturally grown in the northern hemisphere from March to June, whereas you’ll find them more easily in the southern hemisphere from October through December. Always choose seasonal vegetables, wherever you live, depending on the month!

Sustainable consumption means striking the right balance between your needs and your food choices.

Watch those 4 animations to discover some examples of seasonal vegetables for different times of the year and where to find them!